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Is your Mac or PC constantly bombarding you with popups?
If so contact us to remove viruses and malware today. Remember that this virus infections can lead to Identity theft and in some cases you may lose important files.

By Miqueas Virgile

Family: the Internet can be a very dangerous place. Now with smart phones and tablets keeping your children safe from pronography has become increasingly more difficult.

Office: Access to the Internet is vital for doing business, but without safeguards in place, malware and data leaks can be a mouse click away from disaster. Network firewalls and antivirus software are common in workplaces, but more companies are increasingly turning to Web filtering tools for additional protection. - Block Websites
- Block Pornographic Sites
- Block Facebook and youtube
Make sure that your employess are able to focus on the tasks that they are being paid for. Not browsing for productivity killing videos. >

Printers should be simple and effortless.

At Pc Doc FL we strive to not only get your printer functioning properly, but to keep it that way. We set-up wired and wireless printing in your home or office, troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing and get you back on track.
If you’re looking to setup an printer at home or your office, we can help you select the printer that is right for you. We’ll narrow down the field of options based upon your budget, printing demand, ink quality needs and more. We will recommend the best printer for you and then help you set it up in your home or office.

Our Skilled Doc's will set-up a secure and efficient wireless network for your home or office. We can diagnose and resolve on-site any connectivity issues your wireless network may be experiencing. We will also ensure your password is encrypted to protect you against any online intruder. If you already know what kind of networking hardware and software you’d like to use, we will help you get the appropriate programs in place to get the most out of your system. If you are unsure of which products and tools could best work for you, we will help you find the best possible option available that meets all your requirements.

Boost your computer’s performance and increase its longevity by scheduling a tune-up today.

We make sure to install any necessary operating system updates, delete temporary files, optimize the registry, preform a thorough virus scan and clean out any unnecessary programs that may be clogging your computer’s memory. We will ensure your system is secure from viruses and hackers as well. Finally we clean the dust out of your fans which makes the pc quietly.

Do you want to improve your Pc's performance?

Before you buy a new computer consider this. Here are 3 upgrades that are guaranteed to speed up your Pc without breaking the bank.
1 Memory
2 Video Card
3 Solid State Hard Drive

Discover just how easily We can fix your problems with our remote support service today and enjoy . From PCs and Macs to we can fix your problems remotely and save you time and money in the process. Our remotes support is guaranteed to resolve your issue. If we can't resolve your problem remotely the remote support fee will be credited to an onsite support call.
Contact us to get Today! See how seemlesy we can resolve your Mac or PC problems.Order

Are you having trouble with a program? Or need to learn the basics.
Our expert Pc Doc’s can teach you how to use almost any software program available today. We offer one-on-one courses, where we work at your level coaching you along the way to mastering the programs you need. In addition, we also provide expert advice and recommendations on which software products will best fit you. Our Pc Doc’s are fluent In Español and Kreyòl. So you can get trained in the language that you feel comfortable in.

Are you having trouble with awith your website?
Our results driven process ensures you'll get a great website that delivers results to your business. We'll help increase calls, leads and even sales for your business. We do it every day for our clients.

Here are some of our satisfied clients websites.
Contact us and improve your business web presence today.

Do you have develop a moblie app idea but your not sure where to begin?
Call us today to develope Android or Ios apps for your interest or business. Our app building Developers are ready to tackle your project small or large.

Are you having trouble with awith your website?
We have experienced web developers that can create custom web applications for your website.
Our results driven process ensures you'll get a great website that delivers results to your business. We'll help increase calls, leads and even sales for your business. We do it every day for our clients.

Adding a video surveillance system brings added secuirty to your home or business?
You can monitor your home or business through a mobile app to ensure that your valuables are secure. We even provide video doorbells that allow you to receive an alert when someone is at your door, and you can even talk to them.

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