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We offer a large variety of services. Backed by our 30 Day Guarantee. We offer same-day service, as well as pick-up and delivery. For a nominal diagnostic fee, we’ll determine the cause of your computer problems, and provide an estimate for the repair. Upon your approval of the estimate, we’ll credit the diagnostic fee towards your repair.

  • Mac Desktop and Laptop Repairs
  • Did you drop your laptop and crack your screen?

    Many people assume that once a computer screen starts to fade or discolor that it means their laptop has is dead. That simply isn't true.Whether you’re experiencing dead pixels, discoloration, dimming of your screen, a cracked screen or cracked glass, or unwelcome lines on your screen, we can repair your screen quickly and efficiently.

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    Is your computer performance uneven – sometimes fine, sometimes slow as molasses? Are people in your address book responding to email messages you did not send? Are you having trouble printing or do you keep getting strange, threatening pop-up messages? Sounds like you may have picked up a virus or some malware out there on the Internet. Taking care of infections early is important to prevent file corruption and data loss. The good news is our Agents enjoy helping return infected technology to good health. Contact one of our Online Agents, set up an appointment at your local Precinct, or have an Agent out to your home or office and let us stamp out that virus.


    Are you tired of not being able to use your Mac Effitiently at work?

    We can make your Mac workplace friendly.

    We can install Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 on your Mac. you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag and drop files between Windows and Mac applications and launch Windows applications from your Mac dock. Powerful performance lets you run Windows productivity applications, even graphics intensive ones, with ease.

    By Miqueas Virgile

    Boost your computer’s performance and increase its longevity by scheduling a tune-up today. We make sure to install any necessary operating system updates, delete temporary files, optimize the registry, preform a thorough virus scan and clean out any unnecessary programs that may be clogging your computer’s memory. We will ensure your system is secure from viruses and hackers as well. Finally we clean the dust out of your fans which makes the pc quietly.

    Do you want to improve your Pc's performance. Before you buy a new computer consider this. Here are 3 upgrades that could speed up your Pc without breaking the bank. 1 Memory, 2 Video Card, 3 Solid State Hard Drive.

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    We offer a 30-day guarantee on any of our computer repair services. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of service or if your issue continues to occur, we’re happy to diagnose the problem and solve any remaining issues at no charge.
    No hoops, no hassels, our referal program is simple. Refer a friend and recive $25 credit towards your next repair. There is no limit or cap. All you need to do is provide the email address of your friend and your email address.
    We charge a diagnostic fee of $30 per computer – that allows us to properly inspect the issue described, determine the problem, and estimate the cost & time to repair. If you approve our estimate, we’ll be happy to credit the diagnostic fee towards your service.